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Cedar log that has split a tree
Group of Thomson's Landing residents
Madeline (Mattie) Gunterman and Ann Willliams looking out of the doorway of log cabin at snow
Mattie and Henry Gunterman in costume
Mattie Gunterman, 3 poses
Mattie Gunterman and family on Dewdney Trail
Mattie Gunterman at approximately 20 years of age
Mattie Gunterman dressed as a hobo
Mattie Gunterman posed by a tree stump
Mattie Gunterman riding her horse 'Nellie'.
Mattie Gunterman with a rifle and holding a grouse
Mattie on a hot stove
Mattie with four fish
Mixed hunting party
Women ice skating at Beaton
Women in rafters and man with brooms
Women playing kick the plate