Vancouver Special

Description: In this episode, Vancouver Special investigates the Hollywood North film industry with a behind the scenes look at shooting The X-Files in 1998 with actor Bruce Harwood, best known as X-Files Lone Gunman John Fitzgerald Byers, and veteran location mangers Kirk Johns and Julie Bernard. CBC's Ian Hanomansing sets the scene for the year and VPL librarian Tim McMillan returns with some great reads you can find at your library. Vancouver actor Bruce Harwood is no stranger to the Vancouver film industry. He has appeared in numerous television series, including The Outer Limits, Stargate SG-1 and Supernatural. However, he probably is best known for his role as John Fitzgerald Byers in The X-Files television series. Veteran location manager Kirk Johns and Creative BC Manager of Production Services Julie Bernard have been a vital part of Vancouver's film industry for more than twenty years. They join us today to talk about filming The X-Files in Vancouver and why our city is such a hot spot for film and television productions. Over the past few decades hundreds of productions have been filmed in Vancouver. With its accessible and diverse landscapes, highly-skilled film crews and world-class talent, the city is a major player in the international film industry. However, it was shows like The X-Files that truly set the scene and established Hollywood North as an ideal film destination. One of the first big network hits to be filmed in Vancouver, the popular award-winning paranormal sci-fi series debuted in 1993. Soon after X-File film shoots began to pop up across the city. Unfortunately in 1998, fans and film crews were shocked and saddened to hear that the show – after filming for five seasons in Vancouver – was moving its production to Los Angeles. Though it was a definite blow to the city's fledgling film industry at the time, Hollywood North weathered the storm. Today, thanks to productions like The X-Files, Vancouver's film crews are known as some of the best in the world and the city has earned a reputation for its ability to become the perfect backdrop for countless movies and TV shows. The theme song is “North Wind” by Vancouver band Lakefield, from the album Sounds from the Treeline.
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